Age group:          3 - 3.5 yrs

Looking for the Best Nursery Schools in Mira Road to nourish your child with apex education? then Nanny's Nest Preschool & Activity Center should be your superior option because we provide the best early education and also help your child in developing good qualities and manners, which will be beneficial for a child to know before getting into schools. Childhood is the period when kids are fragile and it is the best time to treat them with good qualities and basics of educations, this is what we believe and have been completely successful in providing it.

We and our team of highly skilled teaching professionals will make sure that they deliver the best kinds of knowledge and education to kids. We give more importance to develop good qualities and manners for kids rather than just focussing on educations and this is what makes us the best Nursery Schools in Mira Road and also most preferable among people.

To create joyful atmospheres we have fun activities and playtime with toys will give kids complete comfort with us and we make sure that each and every kid are getting it in the best way. Proper training to socialize with other kids and making kids understand basic things like toilet training, recognizing their personal belongings, etc is what we provide to kids and this will make them very much prepared for their upcoming school life. These all are what we provide the best way and it makes our Nursery Schools in Mira Road one of the most preferable among people. So do send your ward to us and trust our service, we assure you to give back your child filled with good qualities and knowledge.