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Nanny’s Nest Preschool & Activity Center follows a theme-based learning programme along with an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum

Nanny’s Nest Preschool & Activity Center at Mira Road nurtures your child's all round development with integrated social and cultural experiences. Our preschool program nurtures your child’s creativity, emotional, physical and social development. The classroom environment evokes deep curiosity and wonder, allowing children to explore and discover the world. The teacher mentors and facilitates -observes children, listens to their questions and finds out what interests them and provides opportunities to explore further.

With an aim to make children future-ready, children use a combination of technology and traditional ways to express learning. Life skills including self-regulation, teamwork and leadership are integrated in curriculum. Children’s thoughts and expressions are documented through photographs and graphic art.

Mrs. B. R. Shaikh

Safety of children is integral – 24hour electronic surveillance and entry monitoring ensures protection. Cleanliness and hygiene form an important part of our daily routines.

With a 360-degree delivery model of curriculum,infrastructure, teaching methodology, operational processes, policies and quality benchmarking from the learner's point of view our preschool is gaining thepopularity in the education system.

We have adopted a comprehensive and continuous evaluation for ongoing assessments – both formative and summative – which is a holistic and sequential method and aligned closely with the students' curriculum /programmes; Co-curricular activities with Practical demonstration.The Field trips, Sports Day, Annual Day celebration – are organized as ways to reinforce the understanding of the students via non-rote methodologies.

Our Vision

Our Vision

"To promote positive growth in the lives of children, where every child feel respected & encouraged to develop their extreme potential in social/ emotional, physical and cognitive development."

Our Vision

Our Mission

"We ensure excellence in whatever we do.The mission of the preschool is to nurture inquiring young talents through EduCreative experiences through unique and stimulating teaching approaches that incorporate the best designed curriculum. Our programme focuses on developing the mind, body and soul of every learner in order to create a life-long love for learning."

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